Mittwoch, 1. August 2007

African Drum

Do you hear the drum calling?

Have a dance under the shower with this wonderful fruity and floral mixed fragrance and feel fresh again.... for more DANCE to the African Drum.


  1. I know u are good in what u do...But then, This the best I have seen today. It leaves me wandering why a lady so talented as u just do it this way...Baby spread your wings :) I love you!


  2. I like "the Africa drum".
    How much the time have you use to create this. The africa woman face looks so beautiful. You're very talent in sculture art.
    I suggest that you should make some bigger soap-works ( bigger statues). I think you can sell them with high price in the souvernir shop. And may you try with the other materials besise soap.
    Wish you always happy with the soap art for ever.
    PHAM from SaiGon, Vietnam.

  3. Amazing.... You know what? You always suprise me